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Events in the Surrounding Area

Traditions and a rich cultural heritage are still present in Buti thanks to numerous recreational activities, an important theater season, parties and events.

Every year, the first Sunday after January 17, Buti lives the "Palio di S. Antonio" and each of the 7 districts parades in a historical procession through the streets of the town, prologue to the afternoon horse race. The winning district, like the jockey and the horse, are awarded with the "palio".

Extemporaneous poetry and "il Maggio" are another characteristic example. May, a popular drama derived from sacred and profane history, is an authentically popular form of entertainment that is still practiced.

Other links with the traditional folk are the Chestnut Festival which takes place every year on the third Sunday of October and the Frog Festival held in Cascine di Buti in June.